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Dustbag consumption percent among different countries

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According to people in different region's habit, the dustbag they need is also different. 

We can divided dustbag into 3 main kinds, paper dustbag, non-woven dustbag and sewing dustbag. In the developing countries, people prefer to use paper bag and sewing dustbag as it is generally cheaper than non-woven dustbag. However, into the developed countries, non-woven dustbag has become more and more popular.

Take Switerzland for example, non-woven bag is their first choice, also it is more environmental friendly. However, a vacuum cleaner OEM's influence to the local people is very important. Take Numatic for examples, it is the most popular vacuum cleaner in UK, if the OEM promote paper bag, then paper bag will be local people's first choice as they are so powerful. US has many famous vacuum cleaner OEMs, so both paper bag and non-woven bags are popular there.

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