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Dustbag dustload capacity evaluation

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* filter is the filter layer of the filter depends on the thickness, belongs to deep filtration
The entire filter layer depth direction is formed by the fiber forming three-dimensional porous structure, which is from the inside and outside from the loose to the
Dense, forming gradient filter
* high capacity, long filter life, low pressure difference
Texture of material
PP (Ju Bingxi), PE (polyester), PTFE (PTFE)
Collar ring:
Stainless steel ring, plastic ring.
2 fiber capillary suction bag
The three parts are composed of the pre filter layer, the main filter layer and the screen cover. Is designed for the effective adsorption of oil in the liquid
The. Filter material in the void fraction of 80%, greatly improving the product's service life. 12~20 times as high as the weight of its own oil absorption bag (specific for fluid and oil characteristics, velocity varies)
3 absolute precision seamless bag
Hot melt injection molding by pure polypropylene fiber. The outer layer is a thick, deep layer of filter material, which is used to provide a layered filtration;
Inner sleeve large aperture filter element, in order to further enhance the overall depth of the filter effect, improve the capacity to accommodate foreign. The average service life is five times more than ordinary polypropylene bag. The highest filtration accuracy is 3um. Collar ring for plastic ring.
4 mesh bag
For the selected materials are nylon mesh, polyester, polypropylene monofilament net strands of wire mesh. The highest filtration accuracy 20um
Features: absolute filtration precision, high toughness, resistance to damage, no fiber free, can be used repeatedly.
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